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About Us


Polly trans express, LLC was established in 2012 and is based in Seattle WA. We are in the heart of the Seattle/ Tacoma area. Our Seattle/Tacoma yards allow us to pull containers from the ports very quickly. On top of that, we have over 50 "super and regular chassis," to handle super heavy and regular loads.


We put a priority on safe and legal operation. Our "by the book" company culture and emphasis on safety has allowed us to maintain an extremely safe and reliable operation to become one of the safest motor carriers in the industry. Our safety standards go beyond regulatory compliance.


We are committed to protecting the safety of motorists on the road, our driver associates, and our customer's cargo. If you are looking for a premium service carrier to improve your distribution, logistics and warehousing chain. I invite you to tour our customer's section and contact our marketing department.


Our Company Headquarters

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